Airline Participation Guidelines


     August 20 - August 23rd
     Atlanta, Georgia
     Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel -

     Online Registration will begin Monday, May 2, 2016, 9:00 AM Eastern
     Registration will be available beginning on Monday, May 2nd 9:00 am Eastern thru
     Friday, July 22nd at 5:00 pm Eastern unless the conference is sold out prior to July 22nd.


    This conference is primarily supported by our Suppliers and it is imperative that we, as Airline participants, engage in all of the programs. The knowledge you will gain from the breakout sessions and the new contacts you will make with both Airline and Supplier participants will prove to be rewarding and useful. 


    To receive Airline status (gratis/free registration) at the ACPC, you must work solely and exclusively for the airline as an airline employee in a purchasing and/or repair sourcing capacity and not for the MRO, Technic/Engineering, or Tech Ops division. ACPC Airline attendees may not be a third party contractor or partner and/or be employed by an airline in a  position whose primary function is to sell surplus or offer services to other airlines or suppliers.  Leasing companies with 50 or more owned aircraft, who agree to the guidelines listed below and are approved by the ACPC Board will receive Airline status (gratis/free registration). 


    Participation in any Supplier sponsored event or invitation for 24 hours on Sunday, 24 hours on Monday and on Tuesday until 3 pm, August 27 – August 29, 2017 is in direct conflict with the ACPC Airline Rules and Guidelines. This conflict could result in the offending Airline’s attendees being disqualified from receiving the benefit of a free/gratis registration ($995 .00 USD value) to future ACPC conferences. Airlines are free to participate in Supplier sponsored invitations all day on Friday 8/25, all day on Saturday 8/26, except between 4:30PM to 6:30 PM on Saturday 8/26, when your presence is requested at the Welcome Reception. It is also permissible to accept a Supplier invitation on Tuesday, August 29th after 2 pm. 


    Only one Spouse/Guest is permitted per airline attendee and you are required to pay the social registration fee of $500.00. There will be no onsite/walk-up registrations accepted at the conference. Please refer to the ACPC Rules and Guidelines posted on 


    The following is a list of expectations for which we need all Airline participants to hold one another accountable.

     Registration Fees for qualified Airline representatives are gratis in exchange for Airline participation in the events outlined below (at a minimum).


    1.     Airline  Round  Tables 

    -  Airline participants must be at the Airline Round Tables on time and agree to staff the tables on both days for the duration of the round table meetings.  

    -  Airlines with four or less attendees are required to host a minimum of one Round Table on both days of the Airline Round Tables.  

    -  Airlines with five or more attendees are required to host a minimum of two Round Tables on both days of the Airline Round Tables.

    -  Airlines with nine or more attendees are required to host a minimum of three Round Tables on both days of the Airline Round Tables.

    2.     Aviation  Networking  Forum  

    3.     Evening  Receptions

    4.     Opening Introductions during the Welcome Reception of the conference on Saturday from 5:00 pm to 6:45 pm.

    5.    "Airline Only" Luncheon held on Sunday of the conference.

    6.     Airlines are strongly encouraged to attend Business Breakout Sessions when time permits.



    1. While hosting your Airline Round Table, you will meet more suppliers during the five sessions of Round Table appointments than you might see in your office in an entire year. 

    2. Complimentary luncheon and dinner functions sponsored by the ACPC help defray your overall conference expenses, offer additional networking opportunities and provide insight from Monday’s and Tuesday's Luncheon and Keynote Speakers. 

    3. Business  Breakout  sessions  specific  to  the  aviation  industry. 

    4. A private "Airline's Only" luncheon highlighted with a relevant airline industry speaker and plenty of "airline to airline" networking time.

    5. The  Aviation  Networking  Forum  is  an  opportunity  to  peruse  at  your  leisure  over  260  supplier  booths. 

    6. Meet & Greet in the Hospitality Suite sessions for airlines and suppliers.  An opportunity to network in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.


    Friday, Saturday evening after the Welcome Reception and Tuesday afternoon after the luncheon are free times and do not require attendance at the conference venues. Please check the conference agenda to participate in scheduled ACPC venues at their respective times. 

    Thank you in advance for reviewing these guidelines to ensure both the Airlines and Suppliers greatly benefit from this premier event.

The ACPC is the most productive aviation conference worldwide.

We encourage everyone to review: ACPC Rules and ANF Rules & ACPC History.
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We would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to all our volunteer Committee Members.