William D. Agee, Jr., C.P.M., A.P.P., CEM, CMN, CPP, CPE, CPIM, CPCM, SSBB

Mr. Agee's thirty-year career spans a very broad and diverse career. His experience includes

procurement in: 

       Retail operations


       Federal government


       Service acquisitions

His major areas of expertise are negotiations, cost and price analysis, contract management,
audits and global business development. 

Bill's teaching credentials include:

       Adjunct Professor at Baylor University teaching courses on the senior and graduate level
such as purchasing, negotiations, operations and manufacturing management and
quality assurance

       Developed and published a software educational program, entitled The Smart Buyer,
highlighting the results of applying the proper tools of lot-sizing, timing of purchase
transactions, minimizing the cost of acquisition, controlling inventory burden costs, and
maintaining a benchmark service level to the customers.

       Developed customized educational and certification programs for the Office of
Homeland Security and the State of Texas 

Mr. Agee works with procurement and supply chain professionals both in the United States and
abroad delivering both procurement education and consultation to facilitate the value driven
goals of strategic focus toward the professional. He has written or presents over 180
educational programs in the field of purchasing, negotiations, supply management and other
aligned fields for use by the profession.