Airline Roundtable Policy



     August 20 - August 23rd
     Atlanta, Georgia
     Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel -

     Online Registration will begin Monday, May 2, 2016, 9:00 AM Eastern
     Registration will be available beginning on Monday, May 2nd 9:00 am Eastern thru
     Friday, July 22nd at 5:00 pm Eastern unless the conference is sold out prior to July 22nd.


    These guidelines have been developed in an effort to make the Round Table sessions manageable and equitable to all suppliers and airlines. It is a requirement that all conference attendees observe this policy which is intended to govern the sign-up process and the actual Round Table sessions.
          Airlines - It is a requirement that all ACPC airline attendees participate in Round Table sessions.Each airline may operate as many Round Tables as required to accommodate those employees in attendance. Airlines with four or less attendees are required to host a minimum of one Round Table on both days of the Round Table Program.  Airlines with five or more attendees are required to host a minimum of two Round Tables on both days of the Round Table Program. No more than two (2) airline company representatives are permitted at any given Round Table appointment.  Round Tables are divided into three (3) types of tables, purchasing, repair/overhaul and combination (purchasing/repair).
           Suppliers - In order for a supplier to participate, he/she must be a paid registrant which will be verified by the Round Table System. No more than two (2) Supplier Company representatives are permitted at any given Round Table appointment.  Spouse/guest attendees are not permitted in the Round Table area at any time.
    Due to the limited quantity of airline Round Table appointments, and in order to provide an equal opportunity to all suppliers, the issuance of appointments is controlled.  At the time of the onsite conference registration, each supplier company will be permitted five appointments, 3 on Monday and 2 on Tuesday.  In the case where a supplier company has more than one paid registrant, appointments will be issued to the first representative who registers appointments in the Round Table System.  Remaining representatives from those companies will be advised at the time they register who made the Round Table appointments for their company upon request.
    Sign-up hours - Round Table sign-up times will run parallel to conference registration hours on Saturday and Sunday.  The purpose for this is to reduce crowds, improve the logistics of the sign -up and assure control of the procedure.  Both Monday and Tuesday appointments are open during this time.  Suppliers are encouraged to make note of sign-up hours and plan accordingly. In the event there are remaining airline Round Table appointments available, the Committee may elect to reopen the Round Table sign-ups and may also elect to provide additional appointments to any suppliers wishing to procure more than the initially allotted five (5).  Announcements to this effect will be made in the Hospitality Suite on Sunday.

    Recording your appointments - The Committee will provide appointment request sheets which are available in the Round Table sign-up area. These appointment request sheets are designed to permit you to write options for each of the five appointments.  Suppliers should use these forms to record their desired Round Table appointments as they monitor the live activity on Round Table Reservation screens. Upon entering the Reservation Room, Suppliers should submit their appointment request sheets to the terminal operator.  The terminal operator will attempt to make five reservations, three for the Monday sessions and two for the Tuesday sessions, as requested in order of priority as noted on the appointment request sheet.  In the event that a requested Airline or time is no longer available, the terminal operator will ask the Supplier to make another selection.  When the initial five Round Table reservations have been entered into the system the Supplier will be directed to the Confirmation Area, wherein a designated ACPC Committee member will provide the Supplier with a printed confirmation of the selections entered into the system.  It is the responsibility of the Supplier to verify the printed reservations PRIOR to leaving the Round Table Reservation Room.  Upon departing from the room, the Supplier officially confirms and validates that the reservations are correct.  If the Supplier has a question regarding any of the reservations on the printed confirmation, the Supplier will be directed to a Supervisor Station for assistance.
           Time limits - Each Round Table appointment is ten minutes. Out of professional courtesy to airline personnel and fellow suppliers, Round Table participants are encouraged to observe the ten-minute limit. The Committee will provide an audible tone signaling each appointment period.  Please observe the ten-minute limit by moving clear of the Table and the room if you do not have a concurrent scheduled appointment. It must be recognized that, depending upon Round Table placement, a supplier could have difficulty reaching the Table when adjacent appointments have been made.  Airlines and suppliers alike are expected to recognize the appointment if a supplier is running late.  Suppliers are encouraged to politely remind other suppliers who may be occupying their respective appointment time.  If there is a problem, contact one of the Round Table Committee staff members in the area.
           Participation requirements - Only paid supplier principles are permitted in the Round Table area.  No spouse/guests are permitted in the Round Table area at any time. Supplier participants shall remain outside of the Round Table area until their scheduled appointment time.  When the audible tone is heard, those Suppliers with scheduled appointments during that period may enter the Round Table area, while those Suppliers who have completed their appointments must leave the Round Table area.  Airline personnel are urged to help enforce this policy and notify a Committee staff member of any infractions.  Violators will be escorted from the premises.
           Logistics - Each airline table will be identified with the airline name prominently displayed. Each airline name sign is marked as to the nature of the purchasing function being conducted, i.e. Purchasing, Repair or Combination. Out of courtesy to those who are meeting, please vacate the area unless you are moving to another appointment.


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