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Airline Participation Guidelines

Airline Participation Guidelines

The ACPC is supported by our Suppliers and it is imperative that we, as Airline participants, engage in all aspects of the conference. Some of the main objectives of the ACPC assist you with building new and maintaining existing relationships with suppliers while attending professional development sessions. The appointment sessions will not only save you time and money, but it will assist you with being more efficient at your job. An additional benefit of attending the ACPC is the opportunity to attend cutting-edge educational sessions. These sessions are taught by influential presenters within their respective industry and cover a wide range of topics such as new technology, best practices, legal implications on new FAA regulations and more.

To receive complimentary Airline registration for the ACPC, you must work solely and exclusively for the Airline as an airline employee in a purchasing and/or repair sourcing capacity and not for the MRO, Technic/Engineering, or Tech Ops division.

ACPC Airline attendees may not be a third party contractor or partner and/or be employed by an airline in a position whose primary function is to sell surplus or offer services to other airlines or suppliers.

Leasing companies with 50 or more owned aircraft, who agree to the guidelines listed below and are approved by the ACPC Board, will receive a complimentary Airline registration.

Participation in ANY Supplier sponsored event beginning at 5:00AM Sunday, September 12, 2021 through 2:00PM, Tuesday, September 14, 2021 is strictly prohibited and a violates the ACPC Airline Rules and Guidelines.

Violators are subject to the guidelines of Article III, A4 of the Air Carriers Purchasing conference Bylaws in addition to being disqualified from receiving the benefit of a complimentary registration (currently a $1095.00 value) to future ACPC conferences.

Airline attendees are encouraged to participate in the ACPC Welcome Reception on Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 5:30PM to 7:00PM.

Only one Guest is permitted per airline attendee and you are required to pay the social registration fee of $500.00.
There will be no onsite/walk-up registrations accepted at the conference.
Please refer to the ACPC Rules and Guidelines posted on
Another employee of the same Airline cannot be listed as a “Guest.”



The following is a list of requirements for which we need all Airline participants to hold one another accountable.

Registration Fees for qualified Airline representatives are complimentary in exchange for Airline participant involvement at a minimum in the following events outlined below:

  1. Airline Roundtables

· Airline participants must be at the Airline Roundtables on time and agree to staff the tables for the duration of the
Roundtable meetings.

· Airlines with four or less attendees are required to host a minimum of one Roundtable during the Airline Roundtables.

· Airlines with five or more attendees are required to host a minimum of two Roundtables during the Airline Roundtables.

· Airlines with nine or more attendees are required to host a minimum of three Roundtables during the Airline Roundtables.

  1. Aviation Networking Forum
  2. Evening Receptions
  3. Opening Introductions during the Welcome Reception of the conference on Saturday from 5:30PM to 7:00PM
  4. “Airline Only” Luncheon held on Sunday, September 12, 2021
  5. Airlines are strongly encouraged to attend the Professional Development Sessions


· While hosting your Airline Roundtable, you will meet more suppliers during the three sessions of Roundtable appointments than you might see in your office in an entire year.

· Complimentary luncheon and dinner functions sponsored by the ACPC help defray your overall conference expenses, offer additional networking opportunities, provide industry insight and professional development from Monday’s Luncheon and Keynote Speaker.

· Opportunity to attend cutting-edge Professional Development sessions. These classes are taught by influential presenters within their respective industry and cover a wide range of topics such as new technology, best practices, legal implications on new FAA regulations and more.

· An “invitation only” Airline Luncheon highlighting relevant influential speaker and plenty of “airline to airline” networking time.

· The Aviation Networking Forum is an opportunity to see additional suppliers outside out of the Roundtable appointments and take advantage of visiting multiple supplier booths in a few hours. In addition, Airlines are given exclusive time with suppliers from 1:00PM to 3:30PM prior to the ANF opening up to all registered ACPC attendees.

· Meet & Greet Sessions to continue your conversations from the Roundtable appointments or meet new suppliers that you did not get to meet with in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

We invite Airline attendees to participate in all ACPC events.
Please refer to your conference agenda or the ACPC APP for more details.

Thank you in advance for reviewing and adhering to these guidelines to ensure the Airlines and Suppliers mutually benefit from the most productive aviation conference worldwide.