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Conference Overview

ACPC Conference Overview

The structure of the ACPC is primarily a networking meeting between the Airline Purchasing Representatives and Supplier Company Representatives. The conference provides both a business and social agenda, and with this mix, everyone has the opportunity to develop relationships, as well as learn concepts that will aid them in everyday business decisions. All the functions at the ACPC provide an atmosphere that nurtures friendships, strengthens business and gives everyone the opportunity to develop relationships.

– The advantage of attending this conference for the airlines, is the ability to meet a large number of supplier companies in one setting. An airline attendee can meet more suppliers in the three days of the conference than they would have time to see in their office in an entire year. They also have the opportunity to meet their peers from other airlines and discuss issues, which are of interest and develop relationships that may prove vital in solving everyday problems. 

 – Suppliers have the opportunity to meet airline representatives from all over the world. They take advantage of the low conference fee and introduce their company to airlines that may be too costly to travel to. Suppliers also have the opportunity to meet other companies that might be developed as potential customers.

Included in your registration:

  • Aviation Networking Forum (ANF)  This forum provides the opportunity for Suppliers to rent a table at a nominal cost in a one-day exhibit, held on Sunday of the conference. All tables are uniform and rules are strictly enforced to provide a “fair playing field” for all participants. Special “Airline Only” hours. All attendees from Supplier companies who did not purchase an ANF Booth will be admitted to peruse the booths from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. For more information, visit the ANF Policies page.
  • Meet & Greet Sessions  this free venue provides opportunities for all registered Supplier Companies, to host a table to meet and greet customers in a relaxed setting. Enjoy networking in the casual and friendly Meet & Greet Sessions!
  • Airline Roundtable Sessions on Monday and Tuesday of the conference. Each company registered will receive a predetermined number of appointments on Monday and Tuesday. This year, the allotted number of appointments for each Supplier Company will be announced at a later date. These sessions are ten minute meetings, scheduled over eight hours, thus enabling suppliers to schedule and meet with, one on one, the airline attendees of their choice. These meetings are the core ingredients that have made the conference so successful for 66 years. For more information, visit the Airline Roundtable Policies page.
  • Professional Development Sessions the conference offers numerous breakout sessions dealing in issues critical to our industry, in addition to new ideas and concepts that will enlighten individuals to become more effective on the job. 
  • Business Lunch served on Monday and Tuesday with a keynote speaker relevant to our industry. 
  • Saturday Welcome Reception 
  • Sunday Night Dinner Buffet 
  • Monday Night Banquet Dinner with Entertainment
  • ACPC Hospitality Suite is open daily day during the conference