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ACPC Code of Conduct

ACPC Professional Code of Conduct

All attendees shall conduct themselves in accordance with the Air Carriers Purchasing Conference (ACPC) Rules and Regulations.

All attendees of the ACPC shall conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner showing respect to others at all times.

All attendees shall approach all meetings and interactions at the ACPC in accordance with the highest ethical standards of professionalism and conduct to exhibit integrity, honesty, respect and credibility.

Rude or disorderly conduct of any type is not permitted by any attendee at any time during the conference whether in an ACPC venue or public area of the hotel.

All attendees shall respect the hotel property and surrounding properties.

All attendees shall respect the ACPC program and shall not cause any interruption to the conference in any way.

All attendees shall keep their badge and wrist band in full view at all times while attending the conference.

All attendees are requested to arrive on time to meetings, events, and programs and attend the entire meeting.

All attendees are responsible for safeguarding their personal items and conference materials and agree to hold harmless the ACPC and/or ACPC Board of Directors and/or the Host Hotel.

Professional business and/or business casual attire is the acceptable style of dress for attendees at all ACPC venues, with the exception of the Monday Night Banquet where semi-formal attire or business attire is required.

If the Professional Code of Conduct or the ACPC Rules and Regulations are not upheld, it may result in individual and/or company suspension, subject to the discretion of the ACPC Board of Directors.