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Collaborative Workshop

Multi-Generational Harmony in the Workplace Workshop

(facilitated by Jeanne Rau-Flattery, Millennium International; John Rogers, Barfield; Jeannie Sweeney, HRD Aero Systems; Derante Ellison, Professional Aircraft Accessories; and Robert Bial, AirFlight Aerospace)

Times have changed, and workplace culture has changed with it. In the past, it was common for two generations to be represented in the workplace. Now, we have a multi-generational workforce – with as many as five generations. As a result, today’s leaders are faced with the complexity of managing very different perspectives, work styles, and preferences within multigenerational teams.

How can the aviation industry align themselves with these new realities, create harmony and unleash the potential of the multigenerational workforce?

Join us in this unique collaborative workshop as we explore generational diversity and discuss the unique characteristics, values, and preferences associated with different generations in the workplace. Collaborate with your peers to identify strategies for creating an inclusive work environment that values and leverages the strength of every generation.

Attendees of all ages are encouraged to attend!