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Jason Dickstein

Professional Development Session Speaker

Jason Dickstein is the President of the Washington Aviation Group and has practiced aviation law for over 30 years. In his private practice, he advises aviation industry companies on compliance issues, represents them in transactions, and defends them against enforcement actions and other lawsuits. His clients include repair stations, air carriers, aircraft parts distributors, and aircraft parts manufacturers. He has represented and advised clients from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

In his law practice, Mr. Dickstein’s focal areas include:

  • Aerospace Transactions,
  • Aviation Safety Regulations (particularly affecting distribution, maintenance and manufacturing),
  • Competition,
  • Export and Import,
  • Dangerous Goods, and
  • Intellectual Property

Mr. Dickstein also represents several aviation trade associations, including the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA). He has served as ASA’s General Counsel since 1997, and in that role has helped ASA develop standards for aerospace distribution quality systems and for aircraft parts transactions, and has represented ASA before regulatory agencies in Asia, Europe and North America. On behalf of ASA, he works closely with government bodies in several countries to develop regulations to maintain safety and improve global trade.

Mr. Dickstein has spent much of his career encouraging trade in aviation parts, and developing tools that can help provide assurances of quality and airworthiness in those transactions. Businesses who want to know more about what ASA and Mr. Dickstein can do to help them should email him at [email protected].


Impending EASA SMS Requirements – What US-Based Repair Stations Need to Know

US-based repair stations with EASA-145 privileges will soon be required to implement Safety Management Systems (SMS) as a condition of retaining their EASA-145 privileges.  The current FAA-EASA plan is to permit those repair stations to implement programs under the FAA’s voluntary SMS program, but it is likely that the EASA program will influence that FAA program.  Rumors also suggest that the FAA may seek to expand their current Part 5 SMS rule to apply to other certificate holders.  So understanding SMS is extremely important.

Mr. Dickstein has assisted repair stations with the development of SMS programs.  In this session, he will outline what an SMS program looks like in a repair station environment and provide tips on how to implement it successfully.

Incoterms: Standard Ways to Assign Liability and Risk in Parts Transactions

We use terms like “Ex Works,” “FCA,” and “DDP” in our purchase orders and other commercial documents, but what do they really mean?  Many of these terms and defined under the international standard known as “incoterms.” 

This session will de-mystify the terms used in commercial transport to define delivery terms and assignment of risk.  We will also discuss suggestions about ways to mitigate your own risk against current commercial and compliance threats, based upon Mr. Dickstein’s 30+ years of legal practice in the aviation industry.