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Letter from Your ACPC President

Greetings Aviation Professionals,

The Air Carriers Purchasing Conference (ACPC) is not just an event; it’s an immersive experience designed to elevate your industry knowledge, expand your network, and inspire your professional growth. Beyond the popular Aviation Networking Forum (ANF) and Roundtable Sessions, this year’s agenda has been thoughtfully designed with an array of engaging networking events and enriching learning opportunities. The 2024 ACPC promises to be a dynamic platform for industry leaders to converge, ideas to thrive, and invaluable connections to be established that will propel your business forward. Please find highlighted below some of this year’s conference offerings.

Professional Development Sessions

David Suarez
Roundtable Power Up
Master simple strategies to get the most out of your Roundtable sessions and get the new business you came to develop at the ACPC! With a very limited amount of time to meet with your airline contacts, you don’t have a second to waste. In this interactive session, you will work on crafting your conversations to be efficient, authentic, and effective – maximizing your allotted time to position you as the go-to vendor for your airline contacts!

Roundtable Sessions Clinic
Practice your newly learned Roundtable skills and techniques in a safe environment in this ALL NEW situation role-playing clinic. Designed for new attendees and seasoned veterans alike, these one-on-one coaching sessions with David Suarez will help you explore how other people are likely to respond to different approaches during the Roundtable sessions; and get a feel for approaches that are likely to work, and for those that might be counter-productive. Practice real-life scenarios, receive immediate feedback and learn from your mistakes, facilitating continuous improvement and growth as well as boosting confidence and reducing anxiety.

William (Bill) Agee
Fundamentals of Purchasing/Supply
Designed to help both entry-level and experienced supply chain professionals expand their procurement knowledge and skills. This session provides an overview of procurement fundamentals, sourcing strategies, supplier relationship management, negotiations, evaluation metrics, and more. Knowing the right skill to employ helps supply chain professionals assist their companies during periods of tight supply, rising costs, limited availability regardless of the economic cycle encountered.

Power Negotiations
Whether you’re executing a strategic sale, a vendor contract, or a high-stakes acquisition, your ability to negotiate can make or break your company’s success—and your career. In this comprehensive negotiation training session, you will develop the psychological insights and practical skills needed to bargain more effectively, make better decisions on the spot, and consistently deliver results.

Cost/Price Analysis
Understanding how to do a price analysis in procurement training is important because skills in this field are amongst the most effective purchasing management tools. They reduce prices by eliminating unnecessary costs which leads to mutually beneficial results for supplier and customer. This session will introduce you to quantitative techniques and tools used to facilitate decision-making in determining a fair and reasonable price.

Project Management & Contract Administration
Learn how to correctly manage and control the end-to-end project procurement framework and contract life cycle, as well as effective strategies to successfully handle suppliers and vendors. Contract management will help with tools to ensure the contractor is in compliance to the contractual obligations of the contract. This can run a broad range of compliance of terms, schedule, budget and a final deliverable. Master the step-by-step process of converting the deliverables of a contract into a performance schedule, connected with performance standards, budget to actual, schedule of payments, technical requirement met and overall satisfaction.

Peggy Lamberton
Beyond the Basics: 10 Important LinkedIn™ Features to Leverage in 2024
Learn how to showcase your proficiency on LinkedIn and craft compelling messages about your skills to make yourself irresistibly marketable. Whether you’re an individual professional or a brand looking to maximize your LinkedIn™ impact, this session is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of this professional platform.

Tess Vismale
5 Secrets of AI-Powered Project Mastery: Master AI and Shine   
Dive into the world of AI-driven project management and discover how to leverage cutting-edge data collection and analysis tools. Learn the secrets of measuring project success with AI and make informed decisions based on data that puts you ahead of the curve.

Jason Dickstein         
Impending EASA SMA Requirements for U.S. Based Repair Stations
US-based repair stations with EASA-145 privileges will soon be required to implement Safety Management Systems (SMS) as a condition of retaining their EASA-145 privileges. Mr. Dickstein has assisted repair stations with the development of SMS programs. In this session, he will outline what an SMS program looks like in a repair station environment and provide tips on how to implement it successfully.

Incoterms: Assigning Liability & Risk in Parts Transactions
This session will de-mystify the terms used in commercial transport to define delivery terms and assignment of risk. You will also hear suggestions about ways to mitigate your own risk against current commercial and compliance threats, based upon Mr. Dickstein’s 30+ years of legal practice in the aviation industry.

ATSG Hosted Session
Exploring Aviation Education with Student Leaders at NAEC               
Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of aviation education with the passionate student leaders at the Henry B. Tippie National Aviation Education Center! In this informative session, led by young aviation enthusiasts, you’ll discover the exciting opportunities available at the NAEC state-of-the-art facility.              

Peer to Peer Chat Circles        

These conversation-style sessions are an opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences, challenges, and resources with other attendees who share similar issues.

Making Healthy Choices on the Road
Not only does business travel take away from the familiar routines we have developed but the temptation of carb-heavy foods and copious amounts of alcohol are difficult to resist. Join other road warriors to explore ways to stay healthy and make better choices when you are on the road for work.

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand
When we are dealing with people we can’t stand, we feel our blood boil. It could be your coworker, your boss, your mother-in-law, a teacher, or maybe you live with this individual or simply work with them. Discuss strategic tips and tricks with your peers on how to deal with and disarm annoying people.

Balancing Work and Family Life
We will all face the challenge of balancing work and family life at some point. There are pressures to get ahead at work and succeed in your career path while also staying on top of chores, parenting duties, and self-care at home. Share and discover resources and tips with others for improving this balance and changes you can make today to help improve your life.

Using Technology to Boost Productivity
The right tech tool can make all the difference when it comes to productivity, and nobody knows that better than aviation business leaders. From managing daily to-do lists to powering lifetime learning to staying in touch with colleagues, this P2P is an opportunity to exchange information and learn about apps and other tools that can help you more easily navigate your personal and work lives.


Collaborative Workshop                    
Multi-Generational Harmony in the Workplace
Join us in this unique collaborative workshop as we explore generational diversity and discuss the unique characteristics, values, and preferences associated with different generations in the workplace. Collaborate with your peers to identify strategies for creating an inclusive work environment that values and leverages the strength of every generation.

Social & Business Events

Saturday Welcome Reception & Welcome Address     
Jay Bant & Cheryl Webb      
Enjoy appetizers and cocktails during this reception, network with other attendees and hear from your Supplier and Airline Chairs as they welcome you to the 2024 ACPC! (please note this event will NOT be held in the Hospitality Suite this year)

Sunday Buffet Style Dinner Reception – “Texas Barn Bash”                                  
Saddle up and dust off those boots because we’re throwing a good ol’ Texas-style barn bash! We’ve got your taste buds covered with an authentic country & western barbecue feast. Line Dance with other attendees under the twinkling string lights. Our Texas DJ & Dance instructors will have you two-steppin’ all night long. Channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl! Boots, plaid shirts, and cowboy hats are encouraged. Don’t forget your best denim!

Monday Business Luncheon and Keynote Speaker Elizabeth McCormick           
Former US. Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares the professional development secrets for success with her stories of overcoming overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot while inspiring YOU to Soar 2 Success!

Monday Semi Formal Dinner – “Red & Black Gala: A Night of Elegance”      
Join us for an enchanting evening where red meets black in a symphony of sophistication. Wear your finest reds and blacks and let the night weave its magic. Stay after the banquet for an electrifying evening of music, movement, and magic with Dallas’ own Emerald City Band. From classic hits to contemporary favorites, they’ll keep you on your feet all night long. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or simply love to sway to the beat, this event promises an unforgettable experience.

Tuesday Business Luncheon and Entertainment – Magician – Eric Jones            
Armed with sleight-of-hand, Eric dazzles his audiences with his digital dexterity. He uses these tools to entertain and astound his audiences. Ordinary, everyday items become objects of fancy as Eric delicately handles them. Coins multiply, cards fly, and audiences cheer.

Live Crowd Trivia hosted by Shawn Wilson       
Live Crowd Trivia Contest returns this year in the Hospitality Suite on Saturday and Monday with all new content. Test your knowledge against the best of the best on Aviation Topics. Winners get prizes!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2024 ACPC in August and to making your time with us as valuable and enjoyable as possible. From engaging sessions to networking opportunities and everything in between, we have curated a program that is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We can’t wait to see you in Dallas!


Karen D.Cantor
ACPC President